Cybersecurity training and education have become an integral part of the security industry. Berkeley CEO, Scott Schober is a world class expert, author, media pundit and cybersecurity presenter around the world. Scott has keynoted, led panel discussions and presented at dozens of security events including RSA, FutureCon and SecureWorld. Scott has also written the highly rated Hacked Again (“Original Hacker’s Dictionary for Small Business Owners” – Forbes Magazine) and appeared on hundreds of network news programs and segments to help contextualize the latest cyber breaches and offer security tips to viewers and listeners.

Berkeley offers cybersecurity solutions with products designed to educate and benefit digital privacy, prevent credit fraud and identity theft and detect wireless threats of all kinds.

Cybersecurity expertise, education and solutions for small businesses, government facilities and consumers
Expert presentations on variety of topics including ransomware, drone security, small business protections, distracted driving and wireless threats
Author of top-selling cybersecurity books to educate small business owners, staff and consumers on best practices
Advanced training for the latest cybersecurity products and best practices
Cybersecurity solutions to promote privacy and reduce credit fraud