Berkeley has deployed tens of thousands of wireless devices to enforce safety regulations in the railway, mining and other transportation industries including public roads. These sensitive receivers are capable of detecting operators distracted by their wireless cellular and bluetooth devices, and also alerting fleet managers, triggering DVRs and warning drivers.

These rugged and discreet receivers are able to distinguish between regular nearby wireless use and that of which can be distracting to operators, engineers and drivers. In addition, PTC (Positive Train Control) receivers have also been developed to accelerate the deployment of railway safety regulations before their government mandated deadlines.

Discreet receivers for unauthorized cell phone use in locomotives, railway cars and heavy machinery
Pole-mounted roadside detector and deterrents for distracted drivers
Handheld receivers to install and optimize PTC wireless networks
Rugged devices capable of withstanding the elements and rigors of the transportation industry
All products designed and manufactured entirely in the USA