Berkeley wireless security products are used by law enforcement, military, government and correctional facilities to detect and locate wireless threats. These wireless threats come in the form of cell phones, bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices brought into secured SCIFs and other facilities by both negligent staff and criminals looking to steal IP, deploy malware or conspire against security personnel.

Berkeley has deployed thousands of wireless and ferrous detection security products including handheld receivers for TSCM, bluetooth locators for hidden credit card skimmers and walk-through portals capable of detecting hidden earbuds, phones, tablets and even guns and knives.

Direction finding unauthorized wireless devices and bugs
24-7 monitoring of all nearby wireless devices
Ferromagnetic wands and portals to detect hidden devices even when powered off
Bluetooth and physical skimmer detection inside service pumps, ATMs and POS terminals
Alarms and deterrents reminding staff and visitors about the dangers of unchecked wireless devices
All products designed and manufactured entirely in the USA